Sensei Valiant Yeung holds the rank of Nidan in Muso Shinden Ryu and Yondan Renshi in Ryushin Shouchi-ryu.

He has been a practicing member of New York Budokai since 2003. He began his training in the art of karate and Chi Gong from various schools, but he moved to the sword practice because of his interest in Japanese military history. In addition to participating in managing dojo affairs, he is a senior student who guides beginners in basic Iaido techniques and as his students have reported, with quality results.

Mr. Yeung has participated in many public demonstrations of sword technique and basic swordsmanship. In November 2009, he will travel to Tokyo, Japan to receive training from Soke Kunikazu Yahagi of Ryushin Shouchi-ryu, a great honor and rare opportunity for students committed to the lineage.

In his free time, Mr. Yeung enjoys competitive basketball, recreational snowboarding, and architectural studies. He is also a sake connoisseur, having sampled varieties from around the world.